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A family passion since 1899

The Azienda Agricola Virzì was born from a deep passion handed down from father to son since four generations. Love for nature and a strong link with the land are the secrets of our production, made in the full respect of tradition, aiming to the creation of a top quality product.

The Azienda Agricola Virzì is located a few kilometres from Bronte, in the contrada Bolo-Malamogliera. The manor dates back from the early years of the 20th century and is located at an altitude of around 700 meters; it leans out on the valley of the Simeto river, which is dominated by the Etna volcano.

The olive grove lies down on a hilly, sunny plot of land: it is constituted by secular olive trees of the varieties nocellara etnea, biancolilla and ogliarola messinese, cultivated in 100% biological agriculture: no pesticide or chemical fertilizer.

Our olives are entirely handpicked at the correct degree of maturation and ground with “cold method” (that is mechanically pressed) within the 12 following hours.They make the Casa Virzì Extra Virgin Olive Oil a product of excellent quality, with a low acidity.

The Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Casa Virzì is the fundamental base for the mediterranean diet. It is particularly ideal for a correct and healthy nutrition Raw it is excellent for the seasoning of salads, soups, vegetables but also with meat and fish. It is simply unique and tasteful on a crispy slice of grilled bread.